Underage Gambling Online


A recent report published by the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper has condemned online gambling sites for not doing everything possible to prevent bets being placed by people below the age of 18.

This was highlighted by an investigation recently conducted by a team from the Gambling Commission which uncovered just over a third of all online bookmakers and casinos harboured deficiencies that allegedly could give youngsters access to online gambling.


In the UK, there are presently 164 companies that are licensed to legally operate around 250 gambling websites. As a requirement of the licence, they have to conduct a series of stringent checks defined in the Gambling Act of year ago which are designed to prevent anyone below the age of 18 from gaining access to online betting.


The report by the Daily Mail stated that the figures quoted by the Gambling Commission’s investigators emerged during a session of Parliamentary Answers. The figures were compiled from data gathered from debit cards which were owned by under-18s.


Don Foster, the Culture Spokesman for the Liberal Democrat Party said that there was a danger of a large increase in gambling by under age people.


Dr Emanuel Moran, who is a gambling advisor to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said that the safeguards that the government had put into place as well as their statements concerning responsible gambling online were completely bogus. He added that there is a real danger that a whole generation of young people will fall victim to the perils of gambling addiction.


Underage Gambling Online

The Gambling Commission also stated however, that the websites in question may have only failed one or other of the series of required checks. This means other safeguards that are in place may have captured attempts by under-18s to use their debit cards for online gambling and prevented them from doing so.


Gerry Sutcliffe is the Government Minister for Sport and Tourism. He is responsible for a consultation on proposals for an operators’ levy which will be used to fund treatments for gambling addictions is. He said that the majority of these test proved the effectiveness of the policies and procedures that are in place to prevent underage gambling in online casinos.