Poker Affiliates


Promotion of affiliate websites has just been handed a booster from none other than leading search engine Google. Their premier advertising system, Adwords is set to favourably alter its policy on gambling advertising and promotion.

According to Friday’s press release by the online gaming sector marketing agency, Income Access, Internet gambling affiliates are now able to bid on highly competitive gambling terms like “Online Poker” although this lucrative opportunity is currently limited only to the UK.


Industry operators of the casino sites have had the benefit of being able to pursue this type of advertising, known as PPC (pay per click) since November 2008, although its use was fairly limited. Now, however, this opportunity has been opened to the affiliates as well. This will undoubtedly result in bidding up of prices for the most popular online casino and poker related search terms. However, at present affiliates will be restricted in the terms they can bid on, which will not include the sites they actually promote, for example “Rushmore Casino”, or “Poker Rewards”. Conversely, operators may bid on the names of any of their competitor’s.


Google themselves have a vested interest in the success of affiliates as they are big spenders on Adwords campaigns and represent a lucrative market for the search engine giant. Search engine traffic is vitally important as a source of revenue generation for affiliates in all industries, not just the online gambling sector. As such, affiliates make large sums of money by utilising PPC campaigns and if done correctly, it can drive a huge amount of business in the form of targeted traffic to their websites. It’s the perfect way to display ads right under the noses of the people searching for exactly what you offer. Additional benefits of PPC are in their ability to instantly convert the money spent on them into customers, which is preferable to using search engine optimization techniques to rank organically. This can take several months of hard work to achieve.


Adwords can be bid on to display ads on the first page of Google’s search results. The search term for some of these sponsored links, for instance “poker book” can also include links to sites like eBay or Amazon in addition to other sites. Such links appear prominently on the right side of the search results page and in some cases, can be returned at the top of Google’s organic list. However, the ads will not display in filters used by search engine that are set to block inappropriate content.

Poker Affiliates