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A recent suggestion posted on Barack Obama’s website, the Citizen’s Briefing Book, entitled “Boost America’s Economy with Legal Online Poker” has been rapidly voted up to be the number two most popular of all the ideas posted there. President elect Obama has promised to see the posting which asks that United States based poker players be allowed to play online legally without fear of being prosecuted.

It would outwardly appear that this issue is rapidly gaining a huge amount of support as it gets thrust into the realms of public awareness. There are already getting close to 1600 responses to the posting by members of the public and if people feel strongly about this they should get over there and add their voice to the growing weight of opinion.


The website itself was set up in the first instance by Obama’s own transition team. It is specifically designed so that citizens may submit their own suggestions and opinions about the many important issues that the incoming President elect will have to tackle in the duration of his term in the White House.


With a powerful democrat who is making an initiative of this in Congress as well, Obama is likely to take this one on. Barney Frank, who is Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, is reported as saying that an Obama administration would never have created such a bad set of regulations in the first place. There is more support that opposes the attempts at banning rather than regulating with an increase of Democrats now in Congress. It is certainly an issue made so by the Republicans.


Online Poker Obamas

To add to the support for legalisation of online poker, the current economic problems have many turning to the possibilities that such an action would create. The economy would certainly get a boost from legal online poker with an increase in revenues that can be creamed off the business in taxes. The online gambling and poker sector is, as a whole an industry with a multi billion dollar turnover despite the current attempts at preventing citizens from using their credit cards to sign up with Internet poker rooms.


Of course it is well known that Barack Obama is himself, a keen poker player!