Online Gambling Terrorist Money


Online Gambling Terrorist Money

A new report suggests that a warning has gone out to security services which points out that not only is the Internet fast becoming an efficient way to train terrorists, it is also being used to raise and launder Casino money for radical Islamic groups.

More importantly from the perspective of online gambling establishments is that some online casinos are increasingly becoming the targets for terrorist money laundering programs. There are a number of online terrorist training programs which appear in the surface to be benign, such as online forums and recruits are being sourced from popular social networking sites such as Facebook.



By recruiting people with no criminal record that are not under any suspicion of terrorist activity, these groups can utilise their recruits to become legitimate members of online casinos where they then use terrorist money to make large deposits which can be cashed out again at a later date into different bank accounts using a variety of online payment methods to avoid detection by the authorities.


It is now known that there are computer experts working for al-Qaeda who have now created the “online University of Jihad” for training purposes. This is used for recruiting potential terrorists and then training them in Britain and other countries where they do not have the risk of travelling to Pakistan’s training camps. There is also a new piece of heavily encrypted software that has been developed by these computer experts known as Mujahidden Secrets 2. This system has sufficient security to allow free email communication between militants that the intelligence services are unable to spy on.


The anti-terrorism unit of the European Commission has intimated they will tighten legislation in order to try to prevent the use of the Internet for targeting and grooming young Muslims as future terrorists. However, there does not appear to be any provision made for the use of the Internet for distribution of terrorist money.


Legislation already exists in countries like Britain which enable them to jail anyone found guilty of using the Internet for inciting terrorism. Counter terrorism expert Terry Pratter said that groups like al-Quaeda are using technology for laundering funds and to further their own ends.