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It seems that even in the legitimate world of online gambling, there will always be those who will try to make some money illegally from trusting gamers. The latest threat to the integrity of online casinos has come in the form of an unsolicited email scam being perpetrated which is believed to emanate from Russia.


It involves a form of email scam which is known as “phishing”, where a person is invited to click on a link in an email that allegedly sends them to a legitimate website where their personal details are taken and used for illegal purposes.


This latest phishing scam has targeted members of the well known and highly respected online casino operator Club World Casinos, who are best known for their Club USA Casino. It has been reported that an email that uses their name is being circulated in an attempt to trick people into signing up with a new online casino, allegedly called King Dice Casino.


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Club USA members were alerted this week by Steve Morgan, the manager of Club World Casino that phishers, the name given to these email scammers, are attempting to persuade recipients to enter their personal details such as credit card numbers, full names and home addresses.


When the emails, which bear the name of a fictitious person called Susan Harrison are more closely scrutinised, it becomes clear they are not from the site’s own email address at but from a address which known to be used by scammers originating from Eastern Europe. Members of Club USA are required to re-register by following a link to a scam website where their details can be entered.


Members are advised by Morgan to avoid clicking the link in the email in case it also activates malware, but instead they should contact the customer service at Club USA if they suspect any email bearing their name of being fraudulent. The number to contact in the United States is: 888-671-2855.


Online casino Club USA is a well established and trusted online casino whose operators have acted in a timely manner to avert this potentially damaging hoax. They have remained open and honest about this problem which has been addressed swiftly in response to their concern for the safety and goodwill of their customers, for which they deserve their place amongst the most respected online casinos.