Online Gambling Definition


Law enforcement and its rules and regulations have never been totally clear cut when it comes to online gambling in the United States. There are many problems associated with trying to enforce laws meant to control online gambling transactions especially when there is nothing that clearly defines what exactly constitutes unlawful Internet gambling.


This is causing a major headache to U.S. law enforcement agencies. To add to the absurdity of the inability to clearly define such laws, authorities in the state of Virginia have come to the decision that any gambling committed by people occupying a room that also contains computers is defined as online gambling.

Online Gambling Definition

It seems that a crack team of legal scholars from the State of Virginia have taken it upon themselves to redefine what is constituted by placing a wager in the vicinity of a computer is tantamount to Internet gambling. To add insult to injury, a police spokesman noted that Internet gambling is legal in states other than Virginia, following the raid on what was dubbed an “Internet casino.”


The Sheriff’s Office of Henry County sent officers to swoop on four locations known as Internet cafes. What they found were patrons exchanging their money for tokens that were for use as wagers in slot machines on the premises. Those that won would have their tokens converted back to cash before they left.



Sixty six computers and other items of office equipment as well as around $3000 in cash were seized by police as evidence, although at the time, no arrests were made.


Scott Coleman, spokesman for the police told reporters that the investigation would be ongoing. No one is sure what reason the authorities may have for believing this operation involved Internet gambling, when clearly money was being taken and winnings paid out right there on the premises for gambling being carried out in the building.


A local resident said that because the word “Internet” was printed on the window of the building and gambling was being conducted inside it was a simple case of putting two and two together.


When asked exactly which statute decreed Internet gambling as illegal in Virginia, which U.S.States did allow online gambling to be carried out legally or why the State of Virginia should control interstate commerce, which authority is constitutionally given to federal government, there was no comment forthcoming from Coleman.