New Slots Game


Every now and again a top level online casino adds a new game to its itinerary which causes a stir in the online gaming community. Today it was announced that a new slots game has been added to the Game Lobby at the popular Backgammon Masters online casino.


The new game now featured at Backgammon Masters is the AstroPay video slot game. This is the first game expected in a new video online casino game series that is being launched. The AstroPay game provides patrons of Backgammon Masters with a more complete online casino experience. This, in addition to their already popular Blackjack, Backgammon, and Poker games as well as tournaments is set to further enhance the already high level of player experience.


All of the games featured at Backgammon Masters are completely home grown and original. These one-of-a-kind creations come from the game development team at Backgammon Masters and provide its patrons with exclusive games found nowhere else on the online casino stage.

New Slots Game

Jay Ryan, the Backgammon Masters CEO says that they have always been well known for their high quality online games with their superior graphics and enhanced gaming experience. They were prompted to offer their players more of their favorite games following lots of positive feedback from them. The team at Backgammon Masters urge their players to come along and test the new games as they are released and let them know exactly what they think of them. Their own players’ opinions form the best kind of true and honest quality assurance testing they have! Backgammon Masters are committed to listening to their customers and then giving them exactly the high level of experience that they desire.


Backgammon Masters has become known as a one-stop shop for all of the more popular online casino games which are available because they provide such a wide variety of some of the best single and multi player games around today. Look 777 Online Casino.


During some of the many Freeroll tournaments held predominantly for blackjack and backgammon, players are known to enjoy passing some of the time while waiting for some of the other tables to complete their rounds by participating in several of the other games available. The added attraction provided by the inclusion of the AstroPay video slots game to the already substantial array of online games offers the players a varied solution where they are able to play up to three different games at the same time. These include poker, backgammon and blackjack and now include online slots as well.