Gamble on a Super Sunday


Super Bowl Sunday, the hugely popular American annual sporting event, has seen a shift in betting practices in recent years with the phenomenal rise in online gambling and sports book websites.


It has come to the point where the days of taking a stroll to a corner bar to get a bet placed with your local bookie have faded into the history books. Nowadays there are a huge choice of online gambling websites, off track betting shops for horse racing and a rapidly multiplying collection of Indian casinos that are only too happy to take your bets and your money.


The humble bookie, once the stalwart of Super Bowl Sunday betting, appears to have gone the way of the dinosaur.


While technology and more convenient alternative methods of placing bets have grown in recent years, one factor has not been accounted for by the many people who use the services to bet. That is the law and the fact that you have probably broken it if you’ve made a bet this week.


Without realizing it, the squares you just bought in your office pool or even from your next door neighbor are technically illegal, as are those side bets that you just made with the person sitting on the next bar stool to you.


The biggest single event on the nation’s sporting calendar is Super Bowl Sunday and it may come as no real surprise that when it comes down to big games, Americans will vote with their cheese books and wallets. This means travelling to the games, paying for tickets or watching the games on television but above all, betting.


Despite the current downturn in the economic climate, it is estimated that in excess of $90 million is set to be legally bet on this Sunday’s big game which will be fought out between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Gamble on a Super Sunday

However, that amount pales into insignificance when you consider the $10 billion give or take a few million that is expected will be bet on the game by a worldwide audience of gamblers either legally or otherwise.

Once upon a time, the vast majority of those bets would have been made via the humble local bookies, although now they’re just a mere click away.