Atlantic Vegas Casino Online


With the takings for December a full 19 percent down on the same period the previous year and breaking all records for the largest monthly downturn ever, casino operators in Atlantic City are having a hard time. They are grasping at any excuse to justify the newly published figures, blaming anything from smoking laws, the necessity to refurbish establishments, competition from gambling establishments in adjacent states to transportation issues to the city. These are all heaped together with the underlying recession as excuses for the drop in revenue being generated by the casinos.


This is the second year in a row showing a drop in revenue, in a turnabout that had seen annual increases in gambling revenues in the city every year up to year ago. The fact that several casinos are in a stat of flux may also have some bearing on the dismal figures. The Tropicana is still dragging the market and speculation is rife about the possibility of Trump Entertainment going for bankruptcy along with the problematic sale of Trump Marina.


As for the games themselves, slots lost almost 10 percent in revenue against year ago figures. Table games that were frequented by gamblers with higher budgets were less affected showing only a 3 percent drop, which also reflected a lack of competition on the tables.

Atlantic Vegas Casino Online

Meanwhile, as Atlantic City are left to pick up the pieces of a second disastrous year, the casinos of Las Vegas are turning their radar onto Internet gambling as a possible way to boost their own flagging revenues. Las Vegas casinos are also experiencing a downturn in business thanks to the current financial crisis and are looking at a way to balance the books.


There are obvious benefits for Las Vegas casinos in operating online gambling sites as an aside to their brick and mortar businesses. Foremost of these are being able to attract a wider player base of new players as well as keeping hold of existing ones. There is also the huge benefit of marketing the casino brand online.


Casino bosses in Las Vegas have not failed to notice the success of online gambling sites in the UK and many believe that a similar system of online gambling regulation can be achieved in the US.


Having online casinos to complement those on The Strip would be relatively easy and cost effective to maintain while allowing the casinos to diversify their business.