Anatomy of a spokesman


Allow me to introduce you to Joanne K, a longtime All Slots Casino player from North Carolina. Joanne works as a florist at a neighborhood shop. Her story started when Neteller decided to stop processing transactions for customers based in the US. She had just hit a payout of $2,613 when she called it a night. She was fairly excited because her 10th anniversary was only a month and a half away and now she could surprise her husband with the new set of golf clubs he had his eyes on.


Anatomy of a spokesman

Unfortunately, NE teller was no longer processing withdrawals but we were able to send her a check. There was a lot of confusion at the time about how we were going to process withdrawals for US players so it took about a week before we were able to provide information to our players. Joanne, requested that check be sent to her work address so she could still surprise her husband! For some reason, the check never arrived. She contacted our support team about it and they started their “investigation” We saw that the check had been processed, FedEx had shipped it and that a Chris G. had signed for it.

The only problem was Joanne didn’t know any Chris G. She contacted our support team again to try and sort out this issue. It was at this point it was escalated to my attention – Joanne told our support team about her anniversary surprise and they thought it was something I should know about. Next week I’ll fill everyone in about what we did to resolve this case


After checking the details provided by Joanna, one of our astute support agents noticed that the check did not match her original details at the Casino. Lets just say for example, she meant to type Grant Street but she accidentally wrote Grand Street. The next step was to cancel the current check and issue a new one. Due to fraud controls, the banks that our processor work with have strict regulations about re-issuing a check before the original check has been cancelled.


To add insult to injury, it can take up to ten days to cancel a check and another week to get a new one issued. To make matters even worse, there was a federal holiday during this period, further adding to the delay. Joanne was very understanding about the delays, realizing that the error had indeed come at her end. However for us at the Jackpot Factory, it wasn’t acceptable that she should to have to wait nearly a month to get another check, and on top of that she would certainly not receive the funds in time for her 10th anniversary. I spoke to both our processor and the issuing bank numerous times, but was unable to make any progress. Rules are rules, and they are in place to protect both the casino and the players. It’s hard to argue with that!


I contacted Joanne to let her know how we were progressing with her new check. She was very understanding but was quite disappointed considering her plans for her upcoming anniversary. After consulting with casino management, it was decided we would try and turn this situation around. We arranged for a gift certificate to be sent to her from a local sporting good store so she could indeed get those new golf clubs. It was the very least we could do for one of our loyal players.


So when people say, “what does it mean to be a casino spokesman”… I say, “I just try and provide happy endings!”