Affiliates Angry at Grand Prive


There have traditionally been differences of opinion between the two major online casino affiliate organizations, the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA), and Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP). However, a recent move by the casino operators, Grand Prive Group to pull the rug from under the feet of its affiliates has caused an unlikely alliance between members of the two.


The spanner in the works has come in the form of an announcement by Grand Prive at the end of 2008 that it has cancelled its promise of a lifetime affiliate percentage of revenue generated by members that signed up after having been sent to their casinos by the affiliate websites. This has understandably angered affiliate partners by effectively preventing them from receiving payments earned from the profits taken by the online casinos.


The affiliates have understandably demanded that pressure be brought to bear on the group by GPWA and CAP, who both certified Grand Prive at one time, to resolve this issue. With the popular Bella Vegas casino that is powered by Microgaming under its wing, things have escalated by bringing the software provider into the fray.

Affiliates Angry at Grand Prive

While Microgaming have so far remained silent on this issue, Grand Prive have defended their action despite their being in breach of their original agreement with affiliates by announcing the termination of their affiliate program.

Officials from CAP were due to meet representatives from Grand Prive last week in London, but this was later cancelled. Instead, the CAP officials were invited to their base in South America instead.

Some affiliate websites are posting statements calling out Grand Prive and questioning what their next unsavoury moves are likely to be. There is already a lot of damage that has been done to the reputation of Microgaming and it may get worse before it gets better as angry affiliates club together to see justice be done.


What a large operation like Grand Prive may have failed to remember is that the affiliates control the search engine traffic, which is where the vast majority of their new members will come from. When you control the traffic, you control the business and things could turn very nasty if that traffic was suddenly turned away from Grand Prive online casinos en masse by the very people they are angering and who potentially hold the very future of their online casino business in their hands.